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New Allergen Warning in Dining Halls

New Allergen Warning in Dining Halls

Lee Hughes, Katie Kelly, and Julianne Lesch

September 30, 2018

Clara Martorano Until this semester, allergen warnings were not mandated across campus in bakery areas to warn that items are made in a facility with peanuts and tree nuts. Although these previously optional signs were present in some dining halls before this year, all are now required to inform st...

Tips to avoid spring sniffles

Allison Carey

April 8, 2015

Spring has – kind of –sprung, and for a lot of us, this means allergy season. Trees, grass and weeds are to blame, and if you need to beat the snuff this season, use these tips. 1. Shower before bed. Allergens (hello, pollen) that have collected in your hair and on your body should b...

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