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Lorde hypnotizes Boston with new album

Lorde hypnotizes Boston with new album

Hunter McKenzie, Arts Columnist

April 11, 2018

Whenever I attend a concert, the aftermath is the only thing I remember clearly: running up cement staircases into cement garages, holding onto a new t-shirt and sweating. My mind always unable to catch up with itself, spinning from the lights, the sounds and the stage. These were the events that unfolded after I ...

‘Spotlight’ displays hard journalism at its greatest

Colin Kamphuis

December 9, 2015

The new journalist-centric film “Spotlight” deftly handles the stomach-turning story of the Boston Globe’s uncovering of the Catholic Church’s protection of pedophile-priests. The story focuses on the newspaper’s “Spotlight” team, America’s oldest continually operating inves...

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