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Discussing Divestment

Emily Johnston and Chris Harrell

October 19, 2019

Chris Harrell: Hello, Cynic friends! Today, my friend Emily and I are talking about divestment. Emily Johnston: The call for divestment is the call to move investments the school makes away from the fossil fuel industry. Around $27 million of UVM’s endowment is in fossil fuel corporations according ...

Keep the Climate Strike going

Keep the Climate Strike going

Staff Editorial

September 25, 2019

At the Global Climate Strike Sept. 20, we were struck by the messages written on the many handmade signs raised in the air. A young girl, sitting atop a parent’s shoulders, held a sign written in crayon: “Are erth is grat.” Another held by a student, was painted in black and red on a Bernie 20...

Evironmental activism is a step toward social justice

Evironmental activism is a step toward social justice

Emily Johnston

December 1, 2018

Many people struggle to choose between social justice or environmental justice. They think of them as two separate entities: both righteous, but on two different wavelengths. However, the environmental justice movement has a lot more in common with social justice than initially meets the eye. Both ...

Your plastic straw is not the problem

Your plastic straw is not the problem

Mills Sparkman

November 2, 2018

The morning started out like any other. I stopped at the University Marche on my way to class to get my usual: an everything bagel with cream cheese and an iced coffee. Normally, I would fill up my reusable tumbler, but I decided it needed a wash and left it in my room. I went for a plastic cup ins...

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