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No second chances in #MeToo

No second chances in #MeToo

Staff Editorial

December 12, 2018

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This time last year, #MeToo and the Time’s Up movement were in full swing. Hollywood actresses came together and spoke up about the abuse and power plays rampant in the industry, proving that even women who we perceive as more privileged are not safe. It was a venture into uncharted territory to see wom...

Reclaiming the word “slut” to end shaming

Reclaiming the word “slut” to end shaming

Keely Lyons

December 2, 2017

Filed under Opinion

A Toronto police officer remarked in May 2011 “that women should try not to dress like ‘sluts’ to avoid being raped,” according to a report done by the BBC. Women were reminded that with enough male anger and superiority, our sexuality and very personhood can be turned against us. The word ...

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