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Consent is not sexy, but it is mandatory

Consent is not sexy, but it is mandatory

Lily Spechler

March 31, 2017

Since it is such a hot topic on college campuses, I can say with certainty that everyone has heard of the word “consent.” By The Free Dictionary’s definition consent means “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.” Generally, I have noticed that consent i...

Artistic growth thrives on campus

<strong> The Arts Initiative creates an environment where students are encouraged to learn and collaborate. </strong>

Jensen Wainwright

November 16, 2015

There’s a place at UVM where everyone from bakers to painters can gather to learn and grow as artists. The Arts Initiative, a Living/Learning program, connects students directly to their art, other art forms and other artists on campus. The Arts Initiative is entering its fifth year. The prog...

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