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A new perspective of some of UVM's oldest displays

A new perspective of some of UVM’s oldest displays

Mac Mansfield-Parisi, Staff Photographer May 5, 2021

The back of a display case is a perspective relatively few people have the chance to see. To be able to see an exhibit in the same way the person who created it does feel magical. It can reveal parts...

UVM upgrades campus clock

UVM upgrades campus clock

Irene Choi, Cynic News Reporter March 3, 2020

Since April 2019, all four faces of the Ira Allen Clock Tower displayed incorrect times. After a renovation of the clock mechanics, almost a year later, the clock now displays the correct time on every...

The Dig – Interview with Professor Sean Field

Jean MacBride, Multimedia Reporter September 25, 2019

As the buzz of afternoon traffic came through an open window in his office, professor Sean Field spoke into a large microphone.  Professor Field was interviewed for the first episode of “The Dig,”...

History professor Amani Whitfield speaks about slavery in Canada as part of the College of Arts and Science's Full Professor Lecture Series Nov. 28 in the Waterman Memorial Lounge.

Canadian slavery lecture shares lost stories

Lindsay Freed, Senior Staff Writer December 4, 2018

The Waterman Memorial Lounge was crowded Nov. 28 with students and faculty waiting to hear history professor Amani Whitfield speak about slavery in Canada. Whitfield’s lecture was part of the College...

Learning from a long history of revolutionary action

Learning from a long history of revolutionary action

Gabriel Timberg April 26, 2018

There have been times in my life where everything seemed like a hopeless waste of time, and during these times there has been one comforting thought that makes it all OK: the hope of a year as revolutionary...

Professor Sean Field lectures to his “Early Europe” history class, Feb. 2. Field, who co-wrote the book

History faculty talk new publications

Jean MacBride, Staff Writer February 9, 2018

Students and faculty mingled around a long wooden table. Some flipped through the pages of freshly printed hardcover books Everyone showed excitement and anticipation. On Jan. 26, students and faculty...

How rewriting history could save the planet

How rewriting history could save the planet

Lily Spechler February 28, 2017

AC/DC, the world famous Australian rock band, had it right when they said we were on the highway to hell. AC/DC stands for “alternating current” and “direct current,” and represents the “War...

Harriet Tubman to knock Jackson out

Harriet Tubman to knock Jackson out

Anna Power May 7, 2016

For as long as the U.S. monetary system has existed, paper bills have portrayed only male historical figures, but a new movement has added a woman to these bills. Harriet Tubman in particular is to...

From the parking lot: A history of the 2005 UVM-Syracuse game

From the parking lot: A history of the 2005 UVM-Syracuse game

John Suozzo March 17, 2016

In the wake of the men’s basketball team’s March 12 loss, and the subsequent end of their bid for a NCAA tournament title, faculty and a former player looked back at one of the most important moments...

Lecture explores 19th century opiate use in Vermont

October 28, 2015

An author and former federal prosecutor talked about the widespread opiate addiction Vermonters had in the mid to late 19th century Oct. 20 in UVM’s Waterman Lounge.Gary Shattuck gave his lecture as...

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