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Bonded over a broken down bus

Bonded over a broken down bus

Allie Parkin

April 8, 2016

I’ve always loved a good adventure - I read a lot of books when I was young, following lone heroes on brave and arduous quests. These quests rarely ever started with overheated engines or drunken Spaniards starting dance parties on the upper floor of a crippled double decker bus, but I guess every adv...

Campus housing for international students

Emilee Conroe

November 5, 2015

Some international students  are rethinking the benefits of their required housing situation. First-years Haoxiang Huang and Zhuonan Kong and sophomores Chen Ling and Chen Yang are all international students from China. They are all residents of Marsh-Austin-Tupper, the required housing location for in...

A students journey from China to Vermont

Emilee Conroe

October 23, 2015

Despite language barriers and homesickness, one sophomore international student began her first year at UVM this fall. Coming from Beijing, China, April (Yue) Qiao said she is hoping to remain in America for future educational opportunities, but there are still some challenges particularly when it...

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