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Interview with a pusher: drugs on campus

A student rolls a joint in his dorm room on April 20 in preparation for 4/20. “There’s this whole stigma around buying weed. Like you go into a place to buy weed, you’re intimidated. You think, ‘I’m buying drugs now, this is a drug deal, this is illegal,’” said an anonymous student drug dealer.

Cyrus Oswald, Staff Writer

April 24, 2019

Cannabis doesn’t actually grow like a weed, at least in Vermont. So to get pot, most people have to buy it. To buy cannabis, you need a dealer. Greg is a pusher, or drug dealer, in his dorm. His name has been changed for this interview.  Greg lives on campus and deals with a partner. In his ro...

How to nail an interview

October 20, 2016

Dear Editor, So, you’re considering a big career move: finding a job in a brand new industry. It can certainly seem daunting, especially when you have less-than-sufficient experience. What should a job-seeker do in this situation? Some words of advice: 1. Target an entry-level posi...

Commencement speaker reflects on career

Greta Bjornson

April 20, 2016

Author and journalist Gail Sheehy, who will give this year’s commencement speech, is renowned for her work both as a journalist and a prolific author. . During a recent visit to campus, Sheehy took some time to speak about her career, her time as a UVM student and to offer advice to students head...

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