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Mental health is a long-term investment

Letter to the Editor

October 26, 2018

As someone who was diagnosed with a high-functioning mental illness during early adolescence, I really expected to be overrun with resources in college to handle my feelings and ultimately leave that part of my life behind. Yet, I have seen a frightening institutional trend at UVM: apathy towards st...

Mental health: UVM’s crowning jewel

Mental health: UVM’s crowning jewel

December 7, 2016

Our education goes far beyond what we learn in the classroom. Though the ultimate goal of an undergrad is to earn a degree, there is so much more to gain from a college experience than enhanced knowledge, especially at UVM. College is about the trials and tribulations of learning to overc...

Mental illness: a silent struggle for students

Mental illness: a silent struggle for students

Renee Willard

October 19, 2016

The National Alliance for Mental Illness has declared the first week of October “Mental Health Awareness Week.” The week is dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, and it’s especially important for the one out of four college students who will be diagnosed with a mental i...

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