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When image control goes too far

When image control goes too far

Letter to the Editor

December 16, 2018

As a lead resident adviser and writing center tutor, the wellbeing of my community matters to me. As an Honors College student and critical thinker, honesty and academic integrity do as well. I feel I must speak out against the problematic email sent by Annie Stevens, vice provost for student affairs, to t...

The evolution of NBR over time

Chloe Chaobal

January 18, 2017

Although the Naked Bike Ride has occurred at UVM for the last 21 years, each “ride” is different.   The event occurs annually on the last day of classes. In past years, the NBR has fallen on a Wednesday. In 2016, the event occurred Friday, Dec. 4.     The event was spearhead...

A week of coffee and NBR

A week of coffee and NBR

May 4, 2016

Finals week. It’s the time of every semester that students fear.Final papers, exams and ever-so-dreaded group projects pile up and it seems like we will never get out of what can accurately be described as a scene from the “Hunger Games.”Caffeine is treated like gold, sleep is cherished and hard...

WinterFest: University’s hypocrisy in school party

Ariana Arden

February 4, 2016

WinterFest happened last week, and we all know what that means. The University Program Board had activities coming out its ass; there was a fun, new UVM beanie going around and everyone gets hyped over that feature band that no one has really heard of anyway (but we all pretend to because w...

Reading days cut starting in fall

Reading days cut starting in fall

Kelsey Neubauer and Michelle Phillips

December 8, 2015

Students will have five consecutive days of exams starting fall semester 2016. Reading days will be removed, UVM officials say. This new schedule change is due to a resolution passed by the Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate. Some students said they are upset by the idea of eli...

Five ways to be an NBR pickup artist

Daltrey Burris

April 28, 2015

The yearly Naked Bike Ride is once again upon us and, with it, all the excitement and potential for a new hook up. Here’s some simple tricks to help you get into someone’s pants, figuratively speaking. 1. You are what you eat. The best way to look your best and garner that sweet, sweet sexual validation ...

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