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New year, but with the same old issues

Ari Kotler

January 27, 2019

What a year it’s been. President Donald Trump’s rotting brain has continued its plunge into insanity. White ethno-nationalists (big shoutout to Iowa Rep. Steve “Grand Wizard” King), “fiscal conservatives” and the super-rich remain in a happy political marriage and maintain  control of our g...

This year, do self-care for you

This year, do self-care for you

Izzy Abraham

January 25, 2019

Mid-way through January, many people have New Years’ resolutions dictating their daily routines and choices. By opting to work out more frequently, eat a healthier diet or cut back on alcohol and drugs, many people are picking up self-care, a significant pop culture trend. However, I want to thro...

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New Year’s resolutions