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Prepare for off-campus living

Prepare for off-campus living

Staff Editorial

September 19, 2018

After spending their first two years as an undergraduate in a residence hall enjoying the comforts of accessible laundry, nearby food and no utility bills to worry about paying, most students begin their off-campus housing experience. And in the midst of all the excitement — which place to choose, how ...

Burlington nonprofit houses students and former prisoners

MAX MCCURDY/The Vermont Cynic
Members of the Dismas house gather for their nightly community dinner on March 24. The Dismas House is a national nonprofit that houses former prisoners alongside college students.

Erika B. Lewy, Assistant News Editor

April 1, 2017

As in many other homes on Buell Street, residents of the Dismas House and their guests sat down at 6 p.m. on Thursday to share dinner and chat about their days. Everyone said what they were grateful for and swapped stories over bowls of pasta, vegetables and bowls of ice cream with a homemade wi...

Struggle to sublet hinder studying abroad

Struggle to sublet hinder studying abroad

December 6, 2016

For some students, the ability to sublet may be just as important a factor as rent and location are while searching for off-campus leases for next year. Students struggle to find subletters to take over their off-campus leases while they study abroad, and it’s causing emotional and financial s...

On-campus housing to fix Burlington’s ‘get off my lawn’ mentality

On-campus housing to fix Burlington's 'get off my lawn' mentality

October 19, 2016

There are no parties here!” my neighbor yelled at my friend on the first day of school last year, assuming she was a first-year walking around to find parties. “I’m just looking for my friend!” she yelled back at him and scurried up the apartment stairs. This was the closest thing t...

Wi-Fi theft

October 12, 2016

Dear Editor, Nowadays our society lives and breathes for Wi-Fi. We ask for Wi-Fi passwords in stores and at restaurants and when we go to a friend’s house. I know this because I’m a millennial guilty of obsessively connecting to Wi-Fi whenever I get the chance. But what happens when ther...

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