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Euphoria: are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Euphoria: are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Shayla Blair, Culture Staff Writer January 26, 2022

HBO's latest teen drama is a provocative portrayal of adolescents that captured the attention of the internet through its shock value. “Euphoria” returned for its second season Jan. 9 of this year...

Izzy Pipa

Pons’ Creative Chaos

Connor Adams, Staff Writer December 6, 2020

Pons’ new album, “Intellect,” is brimming with talent and budding ideas, but ends up being a lesson on the dangers of uncontrolled chaos. In an interview with the band, band member Jack Parker...

Untitled Goose Game beats recent game releases

“Untitled Goose Game” beats recent game releases

Allie O'Connor, Assistant Arts Editor November 7, 2019

The months leading up to winter are some of the best when it comes to massive video game releases.  Just take a look at the high profile games that have hit the stands in recent weeks: “Borderlands...

Roma deserves the biggest screen

“Roma” deserves the biggest screen

Hunter McKenzie, Senior Culture Columnist January 17, 2019

I should admit that before I sat down to watch “Roma,” I knew almost nothing about it. Holly Coughlan I knew that it was a Spanish language film. I knew that it was in black and white. I...

Animated Spider-Man swings into success

Animated “Spider-Man” swings into success

Allie O'Connor, Assistant Culture Editor January 16, 2019

I’ve seen a lot of Spider-Man movies. Probably one too many Spider-Man movies. After a while, they kind of bleed together. Sophie Spencer That being said, Tobey Maguire was not a bad Spider-Man....

Gaga amazes in “A Star is Born”

Hunter McKenzie, Culture Columnist October 19, 2018

If you don’t want to spend a Friday night catching another dull superhero flick, the new “A Star is Born” is the kind of the movie — at least for the first 2/3  — that one needs to see when...

St. Vincent’s new album is an epic of self-reflection

Kelsey Neubauer November 10, 2017

Annie Clark has been deemed a contemporary “female Bowie,” by critics since she first began producing music as St. Vincent. In her most recent album, she examines the personal veracity of an imposed...

“Foxcatcher” wrestles with the after effects of success

Colin Kamphuis March 24, 2015

A reclusive, eccentric billionaire and a world champion wrestler team up to train for the 1988 Olympics in the five-time Oscar-nominated movie, “Foxcatcher.” Rather than focusing solely on the athlete’s...

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