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Impeaching Pres. Trump isn’t the way

Impeaching Pres. Trump isn’t the way

Chris Harrell

October 4, 2019

I absolutely believe that President Donald Trump is guilty of abusing his office in order to punish his political rival. I want him out of office and stripped of the power that he is using to abuse his authoritarian tendencies. But impeachment isn’t going to get us there. And I’m worried that imp...

We need higher standards in 2020

We need higher standards in 2020

Staff Editorial

April 10, 2019

Although we’re still on year three of President Donald Trump’s term, everyone seems to be looking at the Democratic Party for what their next step is in the 2020 race. And until very recently, former Vice President Joe Biden was a likely front-runner, although he has yet to announce his bid for...

Virginia’s scandal: party should not decide who gets a pass

Ian Nathan

February 25, 2019

Virginia, the state that has some of the richest history this nation has to offer, is currently imploding. What was once regarded as a noble and sane state has recently become the poster child for political destruction. In the span of a week, Gov. Ralph Northam has been shown donning blackface...

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