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Exploring the importance of touch

October 7, 2015

Stand-up comedian Chelsea Peretti has a sketch in which she tells the audience that she has found a new method for people who don’t like being “touchy” to handle “huggers” at parties. She suggests...

Taking a different approach this year

September 2, 2015

You’ve arrived at college. You’ve moved in, hung up all of your Mac Demarco posters and met the guys next door. After a haze of new classes and old friends, take a second to reflect on where you are...

“Stereotype threat” hinders student psyche

March 24, 2015

Every person you have ever met fits at least one stereotype or another, and these stereotypes are often unkind.    Studies have shown that if we are made aware of these stereotypes, we are more likely...

Thoughts dictate well-being

March 10, 2015

Right now, there may be countless thoughts swirling through your head. These thoughts drift through our consciousness, and we often don’t give them much attention.In this time of speculation, the...

Tackling body image

December 9, 2014

Body dysmorphic disorder, also called body dysmorphia or dysmorphic syndrome, is a mental disorder characterized by a fixation with a defect in a person’s physical appearance, according to Psychology...

Relationship's blurred lines

Relationship’s blurred lines

November 11, 2014

So you’re a month or two into a relationship, and it’s going pretty well. You begin to wonder, is this exclusive? Does this person care about me? Are people beginning to associate the two of us together?“Emotional...

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