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It’s okay to be self-centered during COVID-19

It's okay to be self-centered during COVID-19

Sophie Oehler, Opinion Columnist

May 2, 2020

The past several weeks have been nothing short of a fever dream.  If in January, you had told me that in a couple short months I would be restricted to the confines of my house, while oil prices dropped below $0, and actor John Krasinski, formally of The Office, held a virtual prom on Tik Tok danc...

Prioritizing mental health services

Prioritizing mental health services

Staff Editorial

September 27, 2017

Taking care of your mental health is hard. Sitting in front of a professional and vulnerably telling them your worries? Not easy. Getting mental health homework? Some people would rather have four exams in one week. Maybe you think meditation sounds even scarier. Having to sit silently with your o...

Soul Food Social encourages unity

Soul Food Social encourages unity

September 29, 2016

On Sept. 24, Billings Library was filled with people awaiting performances and delicious food. On homecoming weekend each year, the Black Student Union brings students, parents and alumni together for one night of food, culture and community. The event draws its theme from the 1997 film “Soul ...

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