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Vermont bill guarantees paid sick leave

March 3, 2016

A bill recently passed by Vermont’s state legislature will guarantee paid sick leave for Vermont workers. The law will put in place a required amount of sick time, and forbid employers from preventing or punishing employees from using it, according to the official bill passed by the House and Senate....

Greek Life petitions against tax bill

The Alpha Chi Omega sorority is pictured Sept. 28. PHOTO COURTE- SY OF BAILEY KIMBALL

Bryan O'Keefe and Kelsey Neubauer

February 17, 2016

Members of Greek life are fighting to repeal a bill that eliminates the property tax exemption on their houses. The bill will go into effect January 2017, unless the new opposing bill is passed before May, when Vermont’s legislative session ends, sophomore Will Sudbay said. “We are basically in...

Repeal the 40 percent rule

April 28, 2015

The human appendix is the classic example of a vestigial organ. It doesn’t really do anything, hundreds of people die a year from them exploding and millions of dollars are spent on surgeries to remove it. Unfortunately, we are all born with these vestigial organs. In Vermont, we have a vestigial l...

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