Professor achieves global recognition

A UVM professor has just added another international recognition to his list of accomplishments.

Saleem Ali has been selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Geneva, Switzerland as a Young Global Leader for 2011, according to a press release from UVM.

The professor of environmental studies is one of 190 leaders who have been selected by the WEF from 65 countries, the press release stated.

He was chosen as one of two members to represent Pakistan, Ali said.

“It’s being offered by an organization that is usually identified with business,” he said. “I can use this opportunity to build bridges between the business community and the environmental community.”

Ali has received recognition from organizations such as National Geographic and Forbes magazine in the past years, according to the UVM website.

He has worked as a professional mediator for governments, companies and indigenous communities, an advisor to the United Nations on environmental conflicts and strategies, a university professor and a researcher and author, according to the National Geographic website.

Ali said his main focus has always been to show that environmental issues can be used as a way of resolving large conflicts in the world, the National Geographic website stated.

“I want to raise the prominence of this issue with North American global issue leaders,” Ali said.

He has also worked to aid the people of Pakistan by promoting environmental education in madrasssahs, Islamic religious schools, according to the UVM webpage.

“I definitely feel an obligation to give back the best I can,” Ali said.

He said he was not surprised that his work has received such a positive response and he attributes his success to hard work and commitment.

“I always strive to have an impact, I always aimed high,” Ali said. “I did try to work hard. I was hopeful but also not too presumptuous.”