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Wise up to Matisyahu

November 15, 2005

"I really believe in the universal nature of music and I'm excited that my music is touching different groups of people no matter what their personal beliefs are." -- Matisyahu On Saturday, Oct. 22nd, Matisyahu gave an electrifying performance to a sold out Higher Ground audience. The show had sold ...

UVM Theatre Lets Their Hair Down

November 15, 2005

As the lights dimmed for the Saturday matinee at Royal Tyler Theatre the audience marveled curiously at what lay beyond the garbage-bag curtains that blocked the stage. Then the opening chords of "Aquarius" rang out and fluid shadows of dancers projected onto the drapery. A member of the "Tribe" ra...

Think Differently with Wu-Tang

November 15, 2005

Dreddy Kruger's Think Differently Music; Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture is a testament to the survival of the Shaoliin art form, emotional, gritty, real , intelligent, and raw, that was introduced to the world with Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. Kruger's compilation is Wu-Tang supported and affil...

I Can’t Believe I Listened to the Whole Thing

Edward Kuhn

November 8, 2005

Artist: Trey AnastasioAlbum: Shine It seems to be the wrong time of the year to release an upbeat and "happy" album. After listening I would figure the beginning of the summer would be a better release time. However, I also thought that after listening, Trey wouldn't want to release it at all. I kn...

Classic Album Revisited: The Legend of Marquee Moon

Emily May

November 8, 2005

Recorded in 1977, Television's Marquee Moon met a largely unresponsive audience, with a defiance to convention less blatant than the punk of the Sex Pistols, and daring to occupy the opposite end of the spectrum from the synth-soaked orgy of pomp and classical influence of Yes and Emerson, Lake and Pa...

Mountain Top Film Festival

Chris Vaughn

November 1, 2005

This past summer was the greatest summer of my life and that includes the fact that I was unable to hold a job for more than 3 hours (the shortest of those was a 20 minute fiasco), but that's neither here nor there. The reason this summer was so memorable was because of a class I took in June. Th...

CocoRosie: Better Equipment, Same Sound

Faith Hale

November 1, 2005

The super freak-folk duo CocoRosie offers a sophomore release that is nearly identical to their first album in sound, but dramatically altered in soul. Their latest, Noah's Ark, hosts the eccentric blend of folksy guitars and scratchy hip-hop beats found on the previous album, yet the atmosphere of insula...

Aaron McGruder Launches New Animated Series “Boondocks”

Frank Sacchetti

November 1, 2005

Aaron McGruider's comic the Boondocks hit newspapers in 1999 and debuted in over 150 newspapers, the second largest premier in comic history. Mcgruders creation quickly grew in popularity and is now featured in over 300 different publications. The latest addition to his growing number of achievements, th...

New Turf: Unnatural Nature

Emily May

November 1, 2005

As the environment inches closer to the forefront of the collective twenty-first century conscious, we see an increased presence of environmental representation in numerous venues. The New Turf exhibition, which was wrapped up this past Sunday at the Fleming Museum, may have been a case of life ar...

A Dash of James Taylor + A Bit of Carley Simon = Ben Taylor at Higher Ground

October 25, 2005

Surrounded by lush, velvet draperies, candlelit cocktail tables and dozens of personal fans, Ben Taylor, son of the legendary James Taylor and Carly Simon, performed on Wednesday night in the Showcase Lounge of Higher Ground. The smoky atmosphere of the red-lit stage drew fans into Taylor's quiet, ye...

Perfecting Perfunctory Pedagogy

September 12, 2005

Working as a student gallery attendant last week at the Fleming Art Museum reminded me of a dreaded Art History class from sophomore year. Obscure subject matter and an inexperienced teacher contributed to one of my worst experiences at UVM, by a long shot! However, sitting last Tuesday morning in...

System of a Down and The Mars Volta Attack Montreal

September 12, 2005

Though System of a Down and The Mars Volta hardly have similar styles in the kind of music they write, record, and perform, a factor that unites the two acts is that they are both absolutely unique in the world of modern popular music. On Monday the 29th (the first day of classes for all UVM students), th...

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