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Sophomore Rory Salzano’s sleeve of self-done stick-and-pokes.

Ink or infection? A deep dive into dorm body modifications

Madeleine Upston, Features Staff Writer October 23, 2023

There's only one thing cooler than having a tattoo: having a tattoo on a college campus.  However, with tuition high and wages low, many UVM students are rejecting traditional body art methods and...

COTS operates as a year-round shelter in the Burlington area.

The Burlington housing crisis: assisting those who have been affected

Memrie Harness, Features Staff Writer October 17, 2023

Most Burlington residents are familiar with the difficulty of the housing market, especially in recent years.  While for students this is typically a matter of affordable rent and a race to find a...

Students fill a crowded basement for a local concert.

Moshing while femme: Gender in the mosh pit

Hannah Kennedy, Features Staff Writer October 11, 2023

At the end of every week, students scramble to find exciting plans and events to keep their weekends busy. For some students, however, the weekend is already dedicated to one thing: moshing. Moshing,...

UPB’s Pub Quiz in Brennan’s Nov. 12, 2018

The history and legacy of Brennan’s Pub

Rhiannon Hubbard, Features Staff Writer October 6, 2023

Since the beginning, Brennan’s Pub has remained a comfortable space that values sustainability and serves as a hub for the UVM community.  When the Davis Center was built in 2007, the space adopted...

Camera located in the lobby of Central Campus Residence Hall Sept 19.

The role of security cameras in UVM residence halls

Kennedy Connors, Features Staff Writer October 4, 2023

For most first-years, move-in weekend was filled with new friendships, dining hall ice cream and relentless icebreakers. Something new students weren't expecting was a residence hall break in. First-year...

Sticky notes spelling out “Ballz” displayed in a CCRH window.

Window wars: The controversy surrounding dorm window displays

Ciara Lordan, Features Staff Writer September 27, 2023

With the fall semester underway, residence halls are springing back to life as students create their own sense of home away from home.  Decorating floor-to-ceiling, some on-campus residents are leaving...

The Huertas Project promotes food sovereignty in migrant farmer groups.

Backyard to table: The Huertas Project and cultivating food sovereignty 

Callia Gilligan, Features Staff Writer September 22, 2023

Latinx migrant farmers working in Vermont’s dairies face difficulty accessing local and culturally familiar food. The Huertas Project is run through UVM and works with migrant farmers on rural dairy...

Broccoli Bar provides vegan options for students on campus.

Savoring Success: How UVM is changing on-campus dining

Liliana Mefford, Assistant Features Editor September 13, 2023

When UVM students arrived back on campus this fall, they were greeted with a slew of changes to their on-campus dining options. For the 2023-24 school year, UVM is introducing a number of changes to...

Winooski River flooding by Chace Mill July 11.

Life After the Flood: A Vermont Disaster

Maxine Thornton, Features Editor September 8, 2023

On July 10, Vermont residents found themselves experiencing the heaviest rainfall the state has seen since 1927. Rainfall in Montpelier hit an all-time high of 12.06 inches, according to the National...

Narcan nasal spray, which can be found in the harm reduction corner of Living Well April 19.

UVM’s harm reduction resources

Memrie Harness, Features Staff Writer April 27, 2023

In a college setting, obtaining drugs is possible for those who desire them. While completely preventing usage is unrealistic, harm reduction tactics save lives.  In order to keep the student body...

Students hammocking on the Fleming green in response to the change to warm weather April 13.

Here Comes The Sun: UVM weather and students’ mental health

Rhiannon Hubbard, Features Staff Writer April 20, 2023

In the past week, there has been a change across campus that has not gone unnoticed by students at UVM: the weather.  “I think [the recent change in weather in Burlington] came at a very much needed...

A detail photo of a CATS Bus April 7. Five thousand five hundred students use the CATS Buses per day on average.

Meet the UVM CATS Bus drivers

Liliana Mefford, Assistant Features Editor April 13, 2023

Editor's note: This story was updated April 17 at 6:34 p.m. to correct a stylistic error. Transporting thousands of UVM students across campus each day, the faces of the UVM CATS Bus drivers are familiar...

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