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Yum Yum, Eat ‘Em Up Good

October 21, 2002

Monday. 7:45, Talk Radio. 7:50, buzzer alarm. The driving sun heats my cell and I get out of bed against my own will. I do the morning thing and then trudge to breakfast, which is a rarity for most students. $4.10. Class occupies my time slot until 12:00pm. Hunger strikes swiftly like a ninja. ...

Israel: Not Everyone’s Promised Land

October 21, 2002

In his column "Why Israel Deserves America's Support" (Vermont Cynic, October 15), Russel Henderson states that since neither Egypt nor Jordan wants Gaza and the West Bank back, then the Palestinian people should 'acquiesce,' as well. Since neither Canada nor Mexico wants to occupy the US, we should th...

How To Compare Racine and Douglas

October 20, 2002

To the Editor:I suggest that currently undecided voters would keep the selection of Vermont's next Governor out of the Legislature if they were to engage in the following mental exercise:On one hand, gather all America's current lieutenant governors. Try to find anyone in the group of them other than ...

Labeling Is Not the Answer

October 19, 2002

To the Editor: The regurgitated dogma that the members of the Socialists on campus endlessly repeat within the pages of the Cynic is misguided; however, most of the time, it is entertaining in nature. However, in this past week's edition, Kathleen Brown uses racism as a justification to overthrow...

Don’t Misunderstand the Real Issue

October 19, 2002

I am writing in response to Kathleen Brown's condemnation ("Oppression: Absolute Fact, Widespread Opinion") of Russel Henderson's Sept. 23 column. But I hesitate to do so for two reasons: first, because I do not think I can do Henderson's column justice, but more importantly, because in addressin...

Why Israel Deserves American Support

October 19, 2002

Since September 11, the depth of European support for America has become clear. Some alliances have proven shallow. In the face of the looming war with Iraq, France, the self-appointed moral voice of the West, has castigated us for our unilateralism while Germany likened Bush to Hitler. On the ...

Town/Gown Relations Continue To Go Down

October 19, 2002

Two weeks ago, the rumor spread that Ian Carleton, the Democratic representative from Ward 1, was sponsoring legislation within the city to raise noise violations to $500 per person on the lease. Carleton, whose Ward includes Harris/Millis, MAT, L/L and Main Campus was elected by a high percentage of studen...

Make Like Yale: Light And Truth

October 19, 2002

The White House has recently released a document entitled 'The National Security Strategy of the United States.' It makes plain what has been de facto policy for American capitalism since the end of World War II--that "the United States government relies on the armed forces to defend America's interests...

Striking a Chord, Developing Accord

October 19, 2002

Amidst preshow buzz, the house lights suddenly dim and the stage is illuminated a muted red. The crowd sounds cheers, claps and whistles as a few goofy-looking guys plug in their instruments. An explosion tears through the room as they enter into the first notes of the opening song. To those who have ...

Questionable Protest Practices

October 16, 2002

This letter is a response to the protest of Ari Fleischer inside Mead Chapel on Sunday evening, October 13th.At around 7:15 on Sunday evening, I was happy to have been one of the last people to gain entry into Mead Chapel to hear Ari Fleischer speak. I sat down in the last row, and I was interested in seeing...

Faculty Union Deserves More

October 13, 2002

To the Editor: Right now, I'm a few months away from having a degree. In January, I will tear out of Vermont to become one of those privileged academics who hold a Bachelors Degree. But more than that, I will have an education. My piece of paper will get me just inside the interviewers office. T...

Where are the student protests?

October 7, 2002

Dear Cynic,Where are the protests and outrage among students these days? Have you noticed that we are about to go to war? Have you realized that if we indeed do declare war on Iraq, who the soldiers will be?This march towards war is madness and there can be no more important task that to let our leade...

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