Afroman Promotes UVM’s Other Green Image

Stumbling on stage, solo cup in hand and yielding an impressive hairstyle suiting his moniker, Afroman was a sight to behold. The small, yet raucous throng gathered in Ira Allen Chapel welcomed him with cheering applause and rising clouds of smoke.

Greeting the crowd, he rhymed: “I met this girl from Vermont …” And proceeded to explain what he did to her, her mother, her sister and even her aunt. As Afroman rewarded himself with an intoxicated grin and a chuckle, the crowd roared with laughter.

Launching into his first song of the evening, “Afroman Is Coming To Town” from 2006’s “A Colt 45 Christmas,” it became apparent it was going to be an evening full of lowbrow references to smoking weed, getting drunk and having sex with as many women as possible.

As the show swung into effect, Afroman sang, “the cops always know, there’s drugs at my show” in tune to the seminal holiday classic, while two of UVM’s finest could be seen infiltrating the mass gathered in the chapel, pulling one individual from the crowd, awarding him with a stern talking to and confiscating the contents of his pockets.

Afroman did his best impression of a grimy and inebriated Weird Al Yankovic with several parody cuts from his forthcoming album including “Ho Stopper” (a take on Danity Kane’s “Show Stopper”) and “Dicc Hang Low” (Jibbs’ “Chain Hang Low”).

Afroman’s secret to keeping the crowd entertained with such simple, inebriated party tunes was largely due to their state of mind – revealed when he asked for a show of hands, “Who’s drunk tonight?” The smoky, green-lit air was immediately filled with wildly waving hands of agreement, a sight that would truly have the late Ira Allen rolling in his grave.

The crowd pleasers, “Crazy Rap” and “Because I Got High,” came in succession, each consisting of Afroman adlibbing while the crowd did their part, singing the near entirety of each hit – a true statement to Afroman’s cult appeal.

As the two songs came to an end, the act began to wear thin and groups could be seen leaving onto further exploits. The final image of the night was striking for its stark contrast; the dome of the venerable Ira Allen Chapel, a symbol of ancient academic prestige casting its disapproving eye over the lilting head of a newage troubadour of debauchery ushering his minions out into the night.