All you need is a good book

Tucked away in her office, hidden by the book stacks, is Sherry Preston, manager of Henderson’s Cafe and trade books section on the Bookstore. Here, Preston does more than simply manage Henderson’s Cafe — she is in the process of revitalizing the book selection to better fit the student demographic. “I’m trying to clean out old books and start ordering new books that the students are more interested in,” Preston said. “The prices are always as low as they can go when they come in. If the book is priced at $12.95, that’s what we sell it at.” Her dedication to the store and school can’t be seen only by the UVM fleece she wears, but also in the work she does for the students.”Her number one thing [is] customer service, to go the extra mile for the customer — if we don’t have it, to find out where we could get it,” Jean Willard, art supply buyer for the UVM Bookstore and long-time associate of Preston, said.After spending 25 years working in the UVM bookstore supply department, Preston wanted to broaden her experience in way that would allow her to have more creative liberty with the books she was purchasing.”This job opening came up and I decided I would like a change,” she said.With the skills she gained in the supply department, she can take advantage of her new position and do whatever it takes to access books that are not available for purchase on campus.Preston’s seven-year co-worker Kelly Darling said that Preston is an incredibly talented buyer and someone who will always be around to lend a hand.”She does have a lot of experience working in the store for so long and [she] knows the faculty, staff and students,” Cafe supervisor Gordon Sandler said. Preston has even developed good working relationships with her fellow staff, even staff she no longer works with directly.”If I wanted to bring in a new product, [she] and I would sit down and discuss it. I miss that,” Willard said.Preston found her way into the hearts of students with the cold weather fast approaching. “Feel free to have me order books whenever,” Preston said. “They don’t take that long to get here — I’d just as soon have [students] get it here than walk someplace else to get it when cold weather is coming.”Many students appreciate the effort. “I don’t want to walk down to Borders, it’s freezing,” sophomore Megan Wood said.”She’s going to transform the area, I think,” Darling said. “It’s going to be profitable and something the customers will really like.”