Arts: Electronic duo does it better, slower, stronger than Daft Punk

Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark make up the ever-subtle Canadian electronic duo known as Junior Boys.Three years after their sophomore album “So This is Goodbye,” Junior Boys are back with their new album, “Begone Dull Care.”With a more sophisticated and, if possible, more refined repetitive synthesized structure, Junior Boys pull it off once again. Junior Boys are the epitome of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM), with a more bedroom downbeat tone.The sultry vocals of Greenspan, backed by Dark’s metronomic synthesizers, create a detached yet intriguing atmosphere.With a complex and intricate layered composition, Junior Boys are able to develop a sound completely their own and achieve another controlled and danceable record.”Parallel Lines” is the album’s single and first track for good reason.It is the most accessible song on the album and builds on itself through various uses of electronic software.This track could easily be compared to the building energy and sound of a 19th century cargo train.Greenspan’s vocals are also ethereally leading the instrumentation and appear to be aching for something he can’t attain.”Work” is a bit more difficult to get into, as it takes a long time to take off.Once you get about two minutes in, the vocals and reverberating synths mesh together exquisitely to make a subtle nod to 80s dance pop.Yet, the vocals and slower tempo give one the impression of a heroin-inducing binge.”The Animator” begins as homage to Degrassi Junior High and then takes a turn and becomes a John Hughes soundtrack.The cheesy vocals and keyboard fit into the steady beat of the synthesizers and give the track an ironic twist one can’t help but love.”Begone Dull Care” is an album for those who love Daft Punk on an inordinate amount of barbiturates and Benzos — set the track on loop for your lady friend or on your walk to class.It’s as calming as it is dance-y, making it an irresistible, albeit oxymoronic, album you won’t be able to stop listening to.