Ensemble induces toe-tapping

For those who weren’t quite ready to bring their Halloween partying to an end, Rubblebucket Orchestra supplied a haven of dancing and grooving with their second consecutive night at Club Metronome on Nov. 1. Rubblebucket’s performance was preceded by two Burlington local bands: Swale and local funk favorites Bearaquarium. Swale played a set of drum-heavy indie rock, with hints of new wave and melodic dual vocals. The crowd, still filtering in, reacted positively to a cover of singer/rapper M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes,” which was turned into a screaming power ballad. Bearaquarium — a seven-piece ensemble consisting of horns, keyboard, drums, guitar, bass and two percussionists — had the crowd dancing, cheering and hopping up and down in a way an opening act rarely can. “[Bearaquarium] is about as funky as it gets,” Champlain College senior Jill DelVecchio said. “I can’t help but dance my ass off.” After a short wait between acts, Rubblebucket Orchestra, an eight-piece ensemble led by Kalmia Traver on vocals and saxophone and the wildly energetic trumpeting of Alex Toth, headed onstage to wild cheers. Opening with the popular song “Bikes” from their self-titled album, they had the crowd moving almost instantly with an unquantifiable blend of jazz, rock and afrobeat. The psychedelic — and often strange — visuals for the show were provided by Hack Interactive. The visual entertainment ranged from hundreds of multi-colored laser lights fluctuating across the stage to a backdrop of retro scenes of characters, including Pee Wee Herman and Hulk Hogan. Traver’s poppy melodic voice provided a perfect counterpoint to the nonstop intensity of the percussion and horns. “Bearaquarium has got a great new sound that’s always fresh,” sophomore Beck Gregory said. “But [Traver] practically glows onstage. Her voice and presence just blew me away.” The crowd went wild during “Came Out of a Lady” when both Traver and Toth jumped offstage and marched through the crowd while performing a whaling trumpet-sax duet; one fan went so far as to run up to Toth and plant a firm kiss on his cheek before retreating. After an hour and a half wild with energy, the band members filed off stage without a word, leaving a resounding silence in their place. This silence was quickly replaced with wild stomping and clapping, as the crowd began chanting “Rubblebucket!” With just a few minutes delay, The band returned to the stage fully uniformed in white jumpsuits for a half-hour long encore of songs from their new EP “Triangular Daisies.” “It’s not your last chance to dance in your life, but it is your last chance to dance here tonight,” trombonist Adam Dotson said to the crowd before the finale. And dance they did.