Festival vibes come to Higher Ground

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Colorado-based DJ Corey Baker, known as Kill Paris, plays a set at Higher Ground Nov. 20. Paris recently changed his name to Chill Harris out of respect for the victims of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks.

There is no greater feeling than starting off your Thanksgiving break with a rocking concert.

Friday night, Higher Ground was filled with lots of bass, trippy lighting and a party atmosphere for the crowd to enjoy, thanks to producer Kill Paris.

Kill Paris made sure the crowd was having a great Friday night by playing his most popular songs. People were dancing everywhere I looked. There was not a single disappointed fan in sight.

The concert itself had a festival-like feel to it. There were people with crazy light finger gloves, and I saw a duo wearing Master Chief helmets from “Halo.” There were glow sticks being tossed all over the place, both in the audience and toward the stage.

There were “rave girls” all over the place, too. It never ceases to amaze me how much neon a someone can have in one outfit.

With the odor of marijuana in the air to accompany the ridiculously dressed crowd, it truly felt like being at a music festival.

It was amazing to see the crowd having so much fun. There was even a light-up balloon bouncing around the venue. When the balloon made it to the stage, Kill Paris got in on the fun and punted it back to the crowd.

There was not a single moment to pause and just listen to the music because Kill Paris was strictly playing tunes that forced you to dance. It was like a nonstop dance marathon. Eventually, toward the end of the concert, Kill Paris played one relaxing song. The crowd became a single entity, with everybody swaying left to right and groups of friends hugging each other to cap off a phenomenal set.