Friends of the Tradition Bring Indian Music to Vermont

What’s hotter than curry? Master of the Indian sarod George Ruckert is, and he’s coming to campus on Saturday, March 1st.

The hypnotic rhythms of the sarod will be accompanied by the Tabla (hand drums) played by New England’s own Jerry Leake.

The show is brought to campus by The Friends Of Indian Music and Dance (FIMD).

Now in their tenth season, FIMD has begun to successfully integrate some Indian culture into Vermont.

FIMD has been responsible for organizing many concerts featuring prominent Indian musicians such as Anoushka Shanknar, daughter of master sitar player Ravi Shankar, and singer Tripti Mukerjee. FIMD wishes to expose Burlington to the Indian culture, a culture whose traditions are older and more strongly rooted than those of much of the world.

The next event produced by FIMD is a show by Kathak dancer Fachna Ramya Agrawal, which will be held in the Recital Hall on Saturday, April 19th at 7:30.

The well-rounded Ruckert has far more to show than being a master of the sarod. He not only performs but teaches, composes, and has written four, published books on the classical music of Northern India.

Though primarily a solo performer, Ruckert will be sharing the stage with drummer Jerry Leake.

Leake’s musical history began as a jazz/fusion drummer in the Chicago uburbs and he has gone on to accompany an entourage of Indian musicians

such as, Ali Akbar Khan a renowned sarodist who was teacher to George Ruckert.

“It will be interesting to see these two play together,” said sophomore Colleen Buzby. The combination of Bruckerts traditional yet innovative Indian style and Leake’s history with jazz/fusion drumming should make for a captivating performance.

It will be held in the Recital Hall in the Southwick building on the Redstone Campus and begins at 7:00

Tickets are available at the door and are $10 general admission, $7 for members, and $5 for students with a student I.D.