FUN. preview


“We Are Young” is the song that identifies indie pop band Fun., but they are more complex than their top iTunes chart single. Fun. will be headlining with supporting act Sleeper Agent at Higher Ground on Feb. 29 at 8 p.m.

Having just released their new album “Some Nights” on Feb. 21, Fun. will be making their fourth stop of their US Spring Tour 2012 in Burlington. 

The album is full of new generation, small scale anthems, similar to familiar song “We Are Young,” such as their newest single “Some Nights,” which is fresh off their touring album and reminiscent of Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” according to the website Pop Blerb.

The three-piece band, based in New York City, first entered the music limelight in 2010 – a year after the release of their debut album “Aim and Ignite” – as a supporting act for both Jack’s Mannequin in February and Paramore in April.

The album expresses concern with fame, and many songs have open-ended rhetorical questions such as “Some Nights” lyric, “so this is it? I sold my soul for this? … I miss my mom and dad for this?”

This band is not above using Auto-Tune, but uses it sparingly so that live performances are not disrupted by its lack of presence.

Popular Fox series “Glee” covered Fun.’s top single in “Hold on to Sixteen” in the eighth episode of the third season, and the band has also recorded with established artist Panic! At the Disco.

Tickets are still being sold on Higher Ground’s website.