“Give You the Ghost” saves the (musical) world


For music fans that lament the current state of popular music, perhaps nothing is more despised than the outbreak of Auto-Tune usage throughout the music world. From T-Pain to even Bon Iver’s most recent album, auto-tuning is seemingly inescapable. 

So, when I tell you that Polica is the latest band to feature Auto-Tune lead singer Channy Leaneagh’s voice in every song on their debut album “Give You the Ghost,” please don’t turn the page. You’d be missing out on one of the most promising and unique bands to come along in years. 

In fact, it is a band that Justin Vernon of the aforementioned Bon Iver recently christened as “the best band I’ve ever heard” in Rolling Stone Magazine. 

Featuring two drum kits, a groovy bassist and heavily auto-tuned and the distorted vocals previously mentioned, Polica has a truly distinctive makeup and sound. 

Complex percussion and ominous but danceable beats rule most of the atmosphere, while Leaneagh’s pain-tinged vocals soar above and ultimately steal the spotlight. The music as a whole is an intriguing combination. 

While the electronics and distortion make up much of the sound, the lyrics and song structures are deeply emotional. 

The mid-album gem “The Maker” captures much of what makes Polica great. 

The song is a slow-burner, starting with a minimalist synth beat and a heavily auto-tuned and echoed lament of “He won’t love me like that.” Eventually, a groovy bass riff starts up and more effects are added, culminating in both drummers playing off each other to create an explosive climax.

Perhaps most impressive, the album is entirely cohesive musically and thematically without being the least bit repetitive. Especially considering they been together for less than a year, there surely hasn’t been a debut this striking in years. 

What I’m saying is don’t be afraid of Auto-Tune. Don’t fear for the future of music – Polica is here to serve and protect.