Ingrid combines old and new

Seeing Ingrid Michaelson sing in a small venue is sort of like watching a cool friend’s gig — that is, if the friend had a killer voice and a recent CD release reaching number one on iTunes.On Sept. 11, Ingrid Michaelson turned a sold-out show at the Higher Ground Showcase Lounge into a cozy evening with friends. She interacted with audience members often, posed for photos on stage and chatted with a four-year-old in the audience.Michaelson mostly sang songs from her most recent release, “Everybody,” and accompanied herself on piano and ukulele.She excused herself in advance once or twice for messing up some of the newer songs, only to go on to play and sing them perfectly, sometimes sounding better than the recorded versions.She also lightheartedly sung parts of ’90s classics — “No Scrubs,” “Ice, Ice Baby” and the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song — in between her songs.UVM junior Annemarie Gallo called Michaelson “hilarious.”UVM junior Lizz Gebbie said she didn’t regret spending her 21st birthday at the concert instead of going out.Michaelson’s opening act, Greg Holden, exuded British charm and didn’t feel like filler, as opening acts sometimes can.Waiting for Michaelson to come on didn’t feel like buying time, although Holden’s multiple comments about being excited for the audience to see Michaelson sing for the first time kept the anticipation high.Holden had nothing but praise for Michaelson. “She’s very nice,” Holden said. “She’s all about the music.”Both Michaelson and Holden asked for audience interaction during their sets. The crowd received them enthusiastically, especially after some creative, metaphoric encouragement from Michaelson.After the last song, Michaelson came back out for an encore. It consisted of three more songs, including a quirky song about Mexican food to the tune of the single from her new album, “Maybe,” ending the concert on a light note.