Less is more

While your clothes may be fly, accessories can take them to the next level. Details are what make an outfit pop. Whether you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars or less than 10, it isn’t difficult, or necessarily expensive, to accessorize your look.Rings: Talk with your hands! Big and gaudy is the new subtle. Your $6 ring from Charlotte Russe obviously isn’t real jade, but who cares? Bold rings make bold statements.Earrings: Let’s face it — studs are boring. Liven up your ‘lobes! They are blank canvases waiting to be adorned with creative touches. If you’re scared to go the jumbo hoop route, try smaller earrings in not-so-typical designs. It’s not all about flowers and cubic zirconium.Nail polish: In terms of color, anything goes. Pewter is what’s poppin’ right now, or really any shade of gray. While we’re all about keeping it bright, dark colors are classy, chic and able to complement any outfit. Black nail polish isn’t just for the gothic look anymore.Belts: Who said you can only wear belts on your hips? Put them around your waist! Accentuate your curves by wearing a loose garment and fastening a belt over it to pull it together. Remember: If it’s already tight, you don’t need a belt to make it tighter. Be careful when using waist belts!Watches: Even though your cell phone may suffice to tell you the time, don’t hesitate to drop some cash on a hot new watch. You should see the timepieces that are on the market nowadays. Companies like Movado are making their styles of watches very colorful and creative, and will make you want to ditch the cell phone. Even if you don’t tell time with it, your wrist will be lookin’ fly.Necklaces: Tired of the same old thin-chain-with-pendant neckwear? Try its new funky relative — the bib necklace! They come in different styles, and their draping shape highlights the collar bone and looks classy. Although we love our long necklaces with large pendants, the bib necklace is a good alternative for those who don’t want to weigh down their necks.Vests: Make some cool investments to take your wardrobe to another level.  You can still wear the vests that we’ve been seeing for a while — similar to those one might wear with a suit in dark colors such as black, gray or even pinstriped. These will look awesome with a casual outfit. You can even have some fun with denim vests that are cut halter-top-style.  Traditional blue is great, but try the other colors available as well.As you can see, accessories not only make an outfit better, brighter and more beautiful, but they are fun to wear and can add your own flair to a not-so-unique outfit.  Just remember, don’t overdo it!  Sometimes just one or two accessories can accentuate better than three or more.