Local student producer hits Higher Ground

Burlington native and UVM student Cory Wythe, also known as Marvel Years, has been a musician most of his life. 

He started playing guitar ten years ago and recently began producing music for fun.

Gaining success and experience, he became Marvel Years, a musician who blends electronic with rock and other styles to create his own unique flavor of music. 

He performed all over the U.S. last year, playing shows extending to the west coast. 

After being on the road for a year, Marvel Years has taken some time at home to produce new material, allowing the Cynic to catch up with him for an interview.

Vermont Cynic (VC): How did you get into DJing?

Marvel Years (MY): I started producing my own music for fun back in 2012 until it got to the point where I could eventually travel and play shows and get paid for it. 

I have never really considered myself a “DJ” in the traditional sense, but instead more of a live performance producer, where I play mainly my own music and layer live guitar on top of it.

VC: How does it feel to be back home performing after a year of travel?

MY: It feels a little slow going from non-stop traveling and playing shows to being back at home, but now that I’m off the road I have way more time to work on new tunes, so that it makes it all worth it.

VC: What are your influences for the up-and-coming album? How does this one differ from your previous ones?

MY: The new album I am working on contains a massive amount of funk/blues influences mixed with hip-hop and new school electronic production. I’m stoked about how it has been coming along so far and it is going to be my best work to date. 

I have learned so much from so many people over the past year that this new album will be my most diverse work so far.

VC: How was the past year for you as an artist?

MY: Amazing man, I never would have expected it to take off like it did over the past couple of months. 

Going from never playing a live show in my life to going on a bus tour across the country was something I’ve only dreamt of. I can’t wait for this year to take off.

VC: What do you hope to accomplish in 2014?

MY: Release a lot of new music and just grow as an artist, hopefully make this something I can do as a full time job for a long time.

VC: What is it that makes your music and shows stand out from the rest?

MY: I have been playing guitar for almost ten years now so I bring that out during my shows to bring the whole “live” aspect of it into play. I also record a lot of guitar into my music as well. 

VC: Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

MY: I have a new remix and a new original [track] dropping in the next couple weeks and following that will be an EP, so keep tabs on my Facebook page for those things to drop.

Marvel Years is opening for Lotus Jan. 22 at Higher Ground.