Music installation soaks up the sun

Artist Craig Colorusso has been creating installations combining light and sound for years, but for his newest piece, “Sun Boxes,” Colorusso has gone green. “Sun Boxes” is a portable exhibit consisting of 20 solar-powered speakers simultaneously broadcasting a single note. Colorusso will be setting his installation on a lawn at UVM from Wednesday, April 20 until April 22. The piece is not so much interactive as fluid in composition, explained the official press release. “Allowing the audience to move around the piece will create a unique experience for everyone,” the press release said. “In addition, the participants are encouraged to wander through the speakers, which will alter the composition as they move.” Once solely a musician, Colorusso has branched out over the past 15 years to incorporate sculpture and light manipulation, to create a more encompassing effect on the viewer and listener, Colorusso said. “I love music, but I think at some point I started to think about other things than sound, other than music,” he said. “I’ve been inspired by visual art for a long time. It wasn’t that big of a jump for me. A lot of times I thought of my music in a visual way, so I was already halfway there.” The utilization of varied, pre-existing environments to showcase his latest installation has been particularly rewarding, Colorusso said. “This piece is different because I get to go outside and take an area and integrate with what is already there,” he said. “I don’t get that same kind of response with my other pieces, because I don’t really involve with what I’m doing, I just take it over.” The environmental influence of “Sun Boxes” is not arbitrary. However, Colorusso has tried to avoid what he refers to as “the political trappings” surrounding solar power issues, remaining modest in his vision. “I’m here and the sun is here; why not do something together,” Colorusso said. “That seems to be an awesome way to look at it, I think. The scientists and the politicians can fight about it all they want. I’m not that smart of a guy, and I came up with this; really smart people with resources can do amazing things.”