Of Montreal brings high energy to UVM

UVM students and members of the public crowded into Patrick Gymnasium tonight, hoping to hear Of Montreal and to get a glimpse of their skits, antics and outfits.    The UVM Hit Paws co-ed a cappella group opened with a set of songs including Of Montreal’s “Gronlandic Edit,” which Of Montreal’s frontman Kevin Barnes later described as “awesome.”    The Fifth Business followed, with a set of loud, guitar-filled rock and roll, ending with some slower-paced but equally entertaining ballads and a Miley Cyrus cover — complete with gold cape and Hello Kitty guitar.    Of Montreal finally came to the stage and the show truly began.    Guitarist Bryan Poole appeared on stage wearing a tight suit and a set of pink-feathered wings. Lead singer and guitarist Kevin Barnes wore a military hat, a white suit and white half-leggings, while bright red lipstick gleamed under his creepy mustache.     As the band played through their super danceable funky synth-pop, interpretive dancers joined them onstage.  Men in camouflage and gas masks ripped off their clothing to reveal bright leotards and peace signs.    Known for their theatrical and slightly off-kilter shows, Of Montreal did not disappoint in last night’s stage show.    Barnes simultaneously sang, played guitar and played chess with Death, while bassist Davey Pierce stomped on a smoke-spewing priest who had been mortally wounded by a crazed, longhaired slave.    The crowd was as energetic as the band, dancing, clapping and crowdsurfing well into the lively encore.    Overall, masked men, loud music and bizarre clothes left listeners unsure of what they had just witnessed, but positive that it was a spectacular night.