Rapper ‘chops it up’ at the Lamp Shop

If there’s one thing you don’t expect to hear a rapper shout out to on stage, it’s light fixtures.

However at the Lamp Shop, hip-hop artist Rory Ferreira, also known as Milo, seemed to be obligated to recognize how the venue was filled with lamps.

“Shout out to the lamps,” Ferreira said.

Ferreira struck a chord with the underground hip-hop music scene with his 2011 mixtape “I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here,” distinguishing himself with a quiet, messy rap flow which worked in favor of his reliance on lots of syllable-heavy non sequiturs and one-liners.

However over the years he has refined his sloppy whisper strategy, as best shown on “So The Flies Don’t Come.” He clearly now prefers pumping his chest out and not being afraid to take charge of the show.

The mood was incredibly intimate, as all of the lamps surrounding the audience made the show feel like it was taking place in Ferreira’s grandmother’s basement.

Dancing like he was straight out of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video, Ferreira jammed through track after track from his new LP. He rarely even looked out at the audience.

A highlight came with a new track, “An Encyclopedia,” which received immediate applause.

“I love this song! Oh my god!” one girl shouted.   

Milo performed his songs differently from the recorded versions.

Using reverb and delay effects, Ferreira would turn his voice from clear emcee to a shaking, cavernous shout. The improvisational tone was similar to the performance styles of other left-field rappers, like El-P and Shabazz Palaces.

The show didn’t go off without a hitch however. This was the first show ever hosted at the venue by Signal Kitchen, who appeared to have issues with sound and keeping the show on schedule.

There was not much room for the audience to stand, without being in the way of Lamp Shop staff or the sound-guys. There may be some work left to do in terms of making the space work for standing-room concerts.