Rubblebucket revamped


My knowledge of the band Rubblebucket emerged when a friend told me about a Hurricane Irene benefit concert that was being put on by a band from Vermont. She also told me that the show was free. I was sold. 

I turned to the Internet to find out more about the band. They had a few albums and even a couple of interesting music videos, and their infectious blend of psychedelic dance and jazzy Afro pop caught my attention.

Rubblebucket got their start here at UVM, where founding members Kalmia Traver and Alex Toth first met. They soon began touring with reggae collective John Brown’s Body. 

In 2008, they formed Rubblebucket Orchestra, which was eventually shortened to Rubblebucket

The band has since relocated to Brooklyn, N.Y. Their music combines that of world and pop music, but their sound remains distinctly Vermont. 

This is in part because of their eclectic musical composition and the influence of lead singer and saxophonist Traver’s multi-generational Vermont family, who would sing folk songs together at dinner. The band’s heavy touring cycle has honed their live act into a force to be reckoned with. 

The blaring horn, Traver’s tremendous pipes and, in their final song, a wicked-heavy breakdown that would put most metal core bands to shame.

Rubblebucket  is not just a live extravaganza; all three albums and the EP are full of quality material.

The band makes sure that their recorded music has the same quality and energy as their live shows. 

Rubblebucket’s trumpeter and bandleader, Alex Toth, realizes the importance of the recorded content  in representing a band. 

“The production has to be as intricate, nuanced and passionate as the live show, and that means putting time into it and taking time off the road if we want to have a recording that fully represents us,” Toth said.

The band appears to be as active as ever, and they certainly have a busy schedule ahead of them. 

They will continue to tour throughout the year in support of their 2011 album Omega La La. In addition, songs are currently being demoed for a new album. 

Rubblebucket will play at Higher Ground on Jan. 27. Look out for a couple of new tracks, 14-foot tall robot puppets – oh yeah, you read that correctly – and an energetic performance from one of the most exciting new bands in America.