Seven Welsh farmers prefer America

Vermont Cynic: How did the band form?Ollie Campesinos!: We got together in the fall of 2005, at University of Cardiff in Wales. By March 2006 we were a seven-piece and we played our first show in May of that year. We put recorded songs up on MySpace and went home for the summer.Before we knew it, we were playing a gig supporting Broken Social Scene.VC: You’re a Welsh band with a Spanish name, how did that name come about?OC: Well, none of us were actually born in Wales. Neil, who studied Spanish, just suggested   the name and   we liked it. VC: What does it actually mean in Spanish?OC: ‘The peasants’ or ‘the farmers.’ None of us are actually peasants or farmers.VC: On your web site and in the press the whole band has the last name “Campesinos!”OC: Yeah, we just did it for a laugh.VC: Does the band write songs collaboratively?OC: Tom writes the music, then Gareth writes the lyrics. After that we go into a practice space, arrange it a bit more and bring in more instrumentation.If all seven of us tried to write songs together they wouldn’t be nearly as good.VC: So, two albums in one year. Did you guys already have these songs or are you just quick?OC: The second album was supposed to be an EP.We came out of the recording session with ten tracks. And we thought,  let’s   just  release them all.VC: What’s the difference between touring in the US and touring in England?OC: Well the first major thing is the distance.In the UK you drive two hours to the next show, here you drive at least six.Another thing is the crowds here seem much more into it. The British crowds are always a lot more stand-offish.We prefer touring here than back home in Britain.