Soulive headlines SpringFest

  Soulive will be headlining SpringFest 2012. According to drummer Alan Evans, the trio is excited to bring their soulful sound to Burlington this April. The band has played at SpringFest before, Evans said. “Burlington in the springtime is probably one of the greatest places on earth,” Evans said of the band’s decision to return to SpringFest. “It was a no brainer, actually.” Soulive is made up of Evans, his brother Neal Evans on organ, bass keys and clavinet and guitarist Eric Krasno. They have been playing together for over thirteen years. “We’re constantly pushing ourselves to do new things in the band and outside the band,” Evans said. “We just have fun. That’s the most important thing. We still love hanging out with each other.” When it comes to fitting into a specific genre, Evans said he doesn’t think of Soulive’s music in those terms. “It’s just soul music,” Evans said. “We really put our soul into it and hopefully people feel that. That’s the best way I’ve been able to describe our music and what we do.” While Evans cited funk legend James Brown as a major influence for the band, they draw on everything they listen to. “Whether we dig it or we don’t really care for it, it influences us in some way,” Evans said. The trio’s most recent project is their take on the Beatles’ music in an album called Rubber Soulive. “We had been toying around with doing a British Invasion album,” Evans said. “We started to realize that a lot of [the songs we were doing] were Beatles tunes, so we decided to do a whole Beatles album.” UVM Concert Bureau will announce the SpringFest lineup within the week. “I really can’t wait,” Evans said.