Student theater group makes a ‘super-comedy’

Josh Holz

Student actors and director have worked together to create the University Players’ first completely student-produced play of the year.

“What Happened After Superhero Con” will be performed in Billings North Lounge 7 p.m., April 4. The play features seven heroes working together to bring down an evil robber baron of the chocolate industry. “The robber baron is trying to end all chocolate,” said senior Sarah Evans, who wrote and directed the play. “The heroes have to save it.” “It’s the most rewarding theater experience I’ve had because we’ve done it all ourselves,” Evans said.

Student actors and director of UVM’s University Players theater club have created the comedy themselves.

“It feels really nice because everyone gets along,” sophomore actor Heydy Vargas said. “Sarah encourages you.”

“It sounds like a very ambitious project,” sophomore Rachel Samuels said. “It’s a change from the UVM theater department shows.”

“I would definitely see it,” senior Meghann Dempsey said.

The actors said they give their characters even more personality.

“They get some sassiness,” first-year actor Erin Hall said.

The director said the characters have seemingly useless superpowers. “The heroes are weird,” Evans said. “They’re written as one-dimensional to be funny.”

Characters include the “Cat Caller” who can summon cats, and a man whose rear turns invisible when he has a slight fever. According to the actors and director, the club is mostly made up of newcomers.

“This is my first year in UPlayers,” Evans said. “We’re doing a musical next, which might be a first for UPlayers.”