Students and recent graduates show artwork

On Friday, Oct. 8, with artwork displayed against a backdrop of glittering jewelry, students and recent graduates stood by, ready to discuss their artwork as people meandered through the gallery. Von Bargen’s First Annual Art Show, held at Von Bargen’s Jewelry on Church Street on Oct. 8, was a one-night juried showcase of artwork by local art students and recent graduates. UVM alum Curran Broderick was chosen as the winner, according to Von Bargen’s Facebook page. The showcase provided an opportunity for the young artists to show their work to the public. “[My art work is usually] kind of just hanging around my house,” participant and St. Michael’s graduate student Amanda Vella said. “It’s really nice to be able to show on Church Street.” Focusing on students, the show provided an opportunity that they might not otherwise have. “I haven’t been in an art show since high school,” participant and UVM junior Loren Teetelli said. “It’s pretty exciting.” The show was a chance to participate in Burlington’s art scene. “I always like to be involved in the art world,” participant and UVM senior Violeta Hinojosa said. It was also helpful for networking. “It’s nice to meet other artists because I’m new in town,” Vella said. Participants were given a good deal of freedom in the kind of artwork they could show. “Before, I’ve put a theme together — this is more open,” Hinojosa said. Perhaps because of this openness, the show featured a diverse selection of artwork. Broderick is a photographer, while participant and UVM alum Sienna Fontaine displayed acrylics and watercolors of landscapes and animals and Hinojosa’s paintings were more abstract. All six participants had a distinct style to their work, varying in both subject matter and medium. The format of the show, showing for only a few hours at Von Bargen’s Jewelry, a business on Church Street, made it a different experience from other art shows. “I’ve never done one exactly like this,” Vella said. “It’s kind of different in that it’s just one night.” The location of the show also drew people in from the street who might not otherwise have attended an art show. “There’s a different population [than other art shows],” Fontaine said. “You have people who aren’t expecting to come in pop by.” The showcase was judged by Jodi Ferriera of Von Bargen’s, Firehouse Gallery curator Chris Thompson, Johannes Zeigler and Champlain College professor Toni-Lee Sangastiano. Broderick’s work will be displayed at Von Bargen’s throughout the next month, according to Von Bargen’s Facebook page.