The Songs of a Saint

Fitting comfortably into the slew of quirky-cool singer-songwriters alongside the likes of Regina Spektor and Jenny Lewis, St. Vincent — a.k.a. Annie Clark — is making a name for herself in the music world on her own terms.Always aspiring to be a singer in her own right, Clark landed a place in the Polyphonic Spree and later in Sufjan Stevens’ touring band somewhat by accident.”I’ve always wanted to write my own music and be my own band,” Clark said. “It was sort of like a great apprenticeship.”Clark released her second solo CD, “Actor,” in May and recently collaborated with Bon Iver for a track featured on “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” soundtrack. She met Bon Iver, the pseudonym for singer-songwriter Justin Vernon, at Bonnaroo in 2008 where the pair discovered a mutual appreciation of each other’s music, which eventually resulted in the collaboration.Vernon and Clark recorded their parts to the song separately, sending the song back and forth.”He wrote the song and asked me if I wanted to contribute to it,” Clark said, “and he called me and I went into the studio in New York and recorded my parts, and I sent it back to him.”The songs that Clark pens herself seem to have a certain aspect of storytelling to them. On “Actor,” Clark infused truth into fiction to create songs that are interesting, but still feel genuine.”I wanted to make a record that was emotionally true but fictionalized and I think a lot of art is based on juxtaposing lie after lie until it becomes interesting enough,” Clark said. “Everyone has a certain degree of mundane — I’m not different certainly — I didn’t want to write about going to get the laundry.”Clark’s songs weren’t written as fantasy wish fulfillment either. She wanted the protagonists of her songs to be complex and even morally questionable.”I was kind of trying to make something wherein the protagonist is not necessarily very likeable or is failing or is flailing,” Clark said. “It seems like there was more risk involved in writing from the point of view of some delusional person or not necessarily very nice person, who doesn’t do nice things.”Clark started making music 15 years ago, and aspires to continue to do so.”I want to make records and tour and that’s what I love doing and that’s what fulfills me,” Clark said. “So I hope that I can keep doing that and have it be sustainable.”With two solo CDs, a current tour and a track featured on a highly anticipated soundtrack, it appears that she will get her wish.After multiple chance meetings with Andrew Bird, Clark is currently touring with him. “We’ve been fans of each other for a long time,” Clark said. “I’m really glad that he asked for us to tour with him on the U.S. tour.”Bird and Clark played at Higher Ground on Monday Night.