Wild Child

Since their 2011 debut, this indie-folk-pop group has been enchanting audiences with their upbeat energy and unique mixture of sounds.

Wild Child played a sold-out show at Higher Ground Jan. 23 as a part of their 2015 winter tour.

Lead vocalists and Texas natives Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins met in 2009 while touring with another band, The Migrant.Since the release of their independent debut album “Pillow Talk” in 2011, the band has experienced a whirlwind of success.

They were named Best Folk Act and Best Indie Band at the 2013 Austin Music Awards and have performed at big-name music festivals such as South by Southwest and Firefly in Texas.

“I couldn’t stop smiling,” sophomore Vanessa Calu said. “Their music just makes me so happy.”

The crowd erupted as the quirky clan stepped onto the stage. The members dressed casually and wore tribal-esque streaks of green marker on their faces. They played in the Showcase lounge, which fostered an intimate atmosphere between the performers and the audience.

“Make some motherfucking noise!” Beggins and Wilson yelled as they kicked off the night.

Their songs varied from heavy-rhythmed rustic dance anthems to melodic and sentimental ballads.

The audience would respond accordingly, dancing energetically to upbeat songs like “The Runaround” and swaying quietly to softer ballads like “Bridges Burning.”

The show was full of charming surprises, like a funky number accompanied by an impromptu striptease by Beggins and songs from an upcoming album to be released this summer.