Culture Staff Recommends: Sexiest movies


So you’ve invited your crush over to watch a movie, you’ve lit the candles and cleaned your room. One question remains: “what should I put on to set the mood?”

Here are the culture staff’s recommendations for the best movies for a Netflix and chill session.

Call Me by Your Name – Maya Surrenti

If Timothée Chalamet doesn’t get you in the mood I don’t know what will. Set in the beautiful Italian landscape, “Call Me by Your Name” is a great movie to put on if you are trying to Netflix and chill. 

It’s a slow-burn with a phenomenal soundtrack and little dialogue to distract from getting it on. 

Chalamet and Armie Hammer—ignore the cannibalism rumors for this one movie—play two young men in this romance. 

My one recommendation would be to move to the bedroom before the end when—spoiler alert—the two lovers are separated. You will cry, I promise. 

If you do use this movie for Netflix and chill, make sure to watch it again on your own time, too, as it is an impeccable movie. 

Warren Miller Entertainment – Keagan Lafferty

Since it’s hardly an exaggeration that over 100% of UVM’s student population skis or snowboards, I think it can be agreed that there’s nothing sexier than a film about vast mountains and powder-filled back bowls, with the hottest professional skiers launching backflips off cliffs into endless white fluffy snow.

Warren Miller Entertainment focuses its films on extreme skiing, with over 750 movies. They follow a documentary style combined with montages of ski clips against music, showcasing the best athletes in the extreme skiing industry in the most outstanding mountain locations across the world.

The films’ limited dialogue and straightforward storylines make them perfect for Netflix and chill since they don’t require your full attention, and they tend to include incredible soundtracks.

With plenty of options to choose from, my personal favorite films are “Ski Country,” “Snowriders” and “Steep and Deep.” This winter, get it on with Warren Miller Entertainment.

Fantastic Mr. Fox – Grace Wang

The lights are dimmed, your laptop is inching closer and closer to the edge of your dorm bed, things are getting hot and heavy, and—ever so faintly—you hear the voice of George Clooney ranting about chickens. 

“Fantastic Mr. Fox” is the perfect movie for your next late-night rendezvous. 

While something can be said for turning on a rom-com to set the mood, the best way to go is with something familiar—a movie without too much real drama or anything extremely distracting but still interesting enough so that the first 15 minutes aren’t too awkward. 

Hopefully you’ll be done in time to catch the final grocery store feast. 

Four Christmases – L.J. Montgomery

Winter has arrived, so it’s time to cozy up. While many people dread the dark days and cold nights, I like to highlight some of the perks of what can be a very cheerful and celebratory season. 

If you’re coming up with a new bae or crush, I have a movie recommendation for you—enter “Four Christmases,” a Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn classic guaranteed to get you and your boo in the holiday spirit and give you a few laughs. 

While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, it can bring up strange feelings regarding our families and ourselves. “Four Christmases” makes light of the many different ways families experience Christmas. Between Vaughn’s rowdy brothers and Witherspoon’s wild-child nieces, you’re bound to find parallels to your own family members in this film.

I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say this: by the time the credits are rolling, you might just have a Christmas kiss.