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Cynic Staff

TV Show – Patriot Act

Mills Sparkman

Opinion Editor

In “Patriot Act,” “The Daily Show” alumnus Hasan Minhaj delivers sharp, witty commentary on current events, along with insights on growing up as an Indian-American.

This Netflix comedy talk show hybrid comes in weekly Sunday installments.

My personal favorite episode is “Oil,” in which Minhaj explains how surprisingly common oil spills are in the Gulf of Mexico, and what the U.S. oil industry doesn’t want you to know about its production process. If you liked “I Love You, America” with Sarah Silverman, you will love “Patriot Act.”

Podcast – Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Sophia Knappertz

Copy Chief

Vanessa Zoltan and Casper te Kuile use strategies of reading sacred texts to delve into deep, philosophical themes in the “Harry Potter” series.

With minute recaps and deep analysis of seemingly mundane sentences, Zoltan and Kuile unearth new meanings for even the most avid fans of the Wizarding World. With posts covering one chapter at a time, “Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts” is a must-listen for every Potterhead.

Music – Lady Lamb

Chloe Chaobal

Co-Podcast Editor

I was introduced to Lady Lamb in my first year of college when my friend played a cover of her song “Crane Your Neck.”  

I was instantly taken by her intricate melodies and lyrics. With her expressive voice and dense lyrics, she brings a unique style to the folk genre.My favorite song is “Billions of Eyes,” a song about the chaos of daily life.

Lady Lamb is an artist who you will listen to and then memorize every lyric to every song and find yourself singing along throughout the day.

Movie – Mid90s

Ben Elfand

Managing Editor

Jonah Hill’s directorial debut is less about skateboarding than the passion with which kids explore the world.

Hill’s attention to detail is indicative of a wonder for the music, art and culture that shapes us rather than the fashionable costume skate culture is often used as. The film tells a coming of age story about a boy leaving the oppression of his family life and finding friendship in the greater world.

There is something for everyone in “Mid90s,” from music nerds to anyone familiar with the value of loyalty.

Book – The Best American Short Stories, 2018

George Seibold

News Editor

I try to catch the “The Best American Short Stories” anthology every year. This one undoubtedly sets itself apart from all the others I have read.

Guest edited by  writer Roxane Gay, the anthology is filled with artful, gripping narratives that engage nearly the full spectrum of emotions. Not only do the individual stories explore a wide array of diverse perspectives, but as a whole the anthology stands as a cultural touchstone of America in 2018.