BSU struts down Davis Center stage

UVM’s Black Student Union (BSU) put on an iRenaissance themed fashion show, which packed the Davis Center on Saturday, Feb. 26. After organizing and preparing for the event for more than a year, BSU put on a show featuring many UVM groups. With more than 100 attendees, the crowd witnessed UVM students participate in not only a fashion show, but also dance, dramatic and musical performances, ensuring audience entertainment. “We wanted students to express their artwork and display it to the community while making a statement with our fashion show,” BSU Vice President Kemiosha Allston said. “We wanted students to have the opportunity to impact the community by showing their work.” The event featured performances by the Catamount Dance Crew, poetry readings and a musical performance by sophomore Sonia David. The modeling performances had various scenes, during which the models’ clothing had similarities in terms of the themes they were portraying. Featuring such themes as “Dress of the Decades,” models wore clothing inspired by ‘60s – ‘90s fashion. Music and scenery were matched to accurately portray each theme represented. Audience member junior Jessica Snook called the event “classy and well-tailored.” Models wore clothes donated by various clothing stores in Burlington. BSU worked with many stores, including Avenue A, Maurice’s and DEB, all of which are located in the University Mall. The proceeds were donated to the Cornerstone Foundation Belize. The members of BSU attempted to impact not only the UVM community but help in the mission to empower individuals everywhere. According to its website, the Cornerstone Foundation Belize is an organization that “helps people help themselves, and aids organizations and social service offices in meeting their goals.” BSU members looked at many potential organizations to donate the proceeds to, but the Cornerstone Foundation is the one that stuck out. “Our goal was to raise at least $500 to donate, which would get one student to high school for one year,” Allston said. “We looked at a lot of charities, but the Belize organization just really hit us as a group we wanted to support and give the money to this year.” The members of the BSU work hard to continuously impact the UVM community. “BSU is a safe community that fosters growth for everyone. Members of BSU are ambitious, zealous and kind,” fashion show participant Durieka Campbell said. “These same values translated into the hard work put into the fashion show.” Allston saw the show as a success overall, contributing substantially to Black History Month. “BSU has done a good job with trying to get the community involved,” Allston said. “We hope to see future UVM members come to our meetings and have fun with us. Black History Month may be over, but we aren’t done. We still have so much to offer.”