Common Foods Can Be Aphrodisiacs

(U-WIRE) HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Oysters, chocolate-covered strawberries and a plate of mango and kiwi, all served with a bubbly glass of champagne … while these may sound like the things only found in a honeymoon suite, these classic aphrodisiacs can be used anytime, for any occasion.

Using aphrodisiacs can be a little tricky the first time, especially if you don’t know what to use or how to use it. However, here are the answers you’ll need to some basic questions on aphrodisiac use … if you follow my advice, you’ll be sure to make the love goddess proud you’re using her products.

Question 1: What is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac (af-row-dee-see-ak)- Something such as food or drug which intensifies or increases sexual desire. In layman’s terms, this means anything that turns you on.

Some aphrodisiacs are classic and usually apply to most people while some aphrodisiacs can be person-specific; a smell or taste that someone associates with a good memory or a pleasurable sense can be considered an aphrodisiac if used in a sexual situation.

Aphrodis-iacs can be food or drink, smells, sounds, or certain drugs that can be used to increase sexual stimulation.

Question 2: How do I know if I’m using too much of an aphrodisiac?

Believe me, you’ll know. Common sense will light your path to a possible overuse of aphrodisiac.

For example, if your partner looks uncomfortable or starts complaining about being full, stop feeding them! Make sure that smells don’t overwhelm; too many aromatherapy candles can gag your partner.

Remember, the main attraction is the sex, so let the aphrodisiacs be unobtrusive and come second to your desire for each other.

Question 3: What should I avoid?

Some things you’ll definitely want to avoid include:Soda pop: Sugar rush and burping is definitely UN-sexy!Foods that are too heavy: Don’t eat a three course meal then expect wild sex … keep the portions and the food c hoices light. Too much alcohol: When done in moderation, it can be a good aphrodisiac; however, too much alcohol will result in a drunken disaster in bed.

As with any sexual venture, aphrodisiacs can be a little confusing at the start. However, the key to learning the best blend of aphrodisiacs for you and your partner is experience, so jump in with both feet. You’ll find out more about yourself and your partner than you knew before, and you’ll find that learning was never so much fun!