Confetti party provides venue for 18+

Local student business I’ teamed up with Burton to host a confetti party in the Memorial Auditorium Annex for students 18 and older on Friday Feb. 11. At its peak, the event hosted more than 650 partygoers. The event went from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. Local DJs Cody Rice and Drew Kaigle played while bursts of confetti were thrown at the crowd. The party was thought up by I’ while its founders sat around a kitchen table, according to Caleb Atwood of I’ “We wanted to do something wintery and thought an indoor snow globe would be cool to do with confetti,” he said. “We would’ve really liked to have a room constantly raining confetti, but budget constraints kind of factor in.” The event itself was financed by the United College Club, who reached out to I’ to promote the event and bring in students, Atwood said. The event, which was advertised as going until 1 a.m., was shut down at 12 a.m. Some partygoers were upset by the discrepancy. “I was looking forward to the Burton, Monster, I’m Partying, confetti party, but it was a bust,” junior Andrew Oftedal said. “Got there around 11, the usual party arrival time, but it ended at 12 … lights on, music off. Lame.” Atwood offered both an apology and an explanation for this. “We were informed that Memorial Auditorium Annex would be allowed to run through the night until 1 a.m. However, asymmetrical information proved otherwise, with the shutdown at midnight blindsiding all of us,” Atwood said. I’ plans to take advantage of the opportunity to host 18+ events, now that they are limited in downtown Burlington. “We’d like to capture the recently opened niche and provide students with a great venue to come out to every month,” Atwood said. I’ plans to host more unique events like the confetti party, and perhaps a SpringFest after-party, Atwood said.