Dressing for the Vermont weather

Choosing what to wear in the fall can be tricky. Too cold to not wear a sweater, but too hot to wear a winter jacket. Although the individual pieces in our closets are endless, the outfits that are comfortable and chic seem limited.  For the fall, layering is key.  Have a fur vest — faux or real — hanging in your closet, and you just don’t know how to wear it? Admittedly, fur can be a bit much, but pair it with a simple long sleeve tee or a plain sweatshirt. A shaggy but glam vest takes a laid-back sweatshirt to the next level. Belt it for an even more refined feel. While in every season, layered jewelry is not only appropriate but encouraged; this fall stacked bracelets bring an edgy feel to any outfit. Don’t hesitate to pile on the heavy metals. The more the merrier! Keep it casual but cool in an army green jacket that’s ideal over a dress or paired with jeans and boots. What color better portrays power in a girl’s wardrobe than army green? Rather than opting for the go-to ugg boots, choose a must-have pair of leather boots.  The material is the easy part, getting the height and the fit right can be a stumper. Knee-high boots are great for the fall. Tuck slim-fitted pants into them or layer on some tights with a cute dress. While this look is fab, it is not trend-proof. For a classic piece, opt for a mid-calf pair. The color of the boots truly depends on your wardrobe. If denim is a staple in your wardrobe, choose brown. Black pairs with almost everything.  No matter whether you purchase tall or medium height boots, make sure what you are spending money on fits appropriately.  While looking chic, you should still be able to feel your feet after you take your boots off. No fashion statement is worth a trip to the ER.