Living on-campus, not in dorms

For upperclassmen that don’t want to live downtown but still want an off-campus feel, there are two options: the Redstone Apartments and the Redstone Lofts.

The Redstone Apartments are located behind the Wing Davis Wilks residence complex,  between Redstone Campus and the Burlington Country Club along South Prospect Street.

They have one and two-floor apartments, with one to four bedrooms, according to the Redstone Apartments website.

Junior Michaela Paul said she chose to live in the apartments because of where it was located on campus.


“The apartments are a convenient location since it’s on campus, which is great for going to classes, while also being conveniently close to downtown,” Paul said.  

It takes about 25 minutes to walk to Church Street from the Redstone Apartments, according to Google Maps.

“It is also fully furnished, which makes everything easier for out-of-state students,” Paul said.

The Lofts are located near the gym and behind Coolidge Hall and the Mason Simpson Hamilton residence complex.

Junior Abby Holmquist said she lives in the lofts because of the location.

“I live in the lofts because it is close to everything and convenient for me since I do not and will not have a car,” Holmquist said.

Holmquist said she also wanted to have a dishwasher and laundry machines in her apartment, which the Redstone Apartments do not offer.

The Redstone Lofts have laundry machines in every apartment, and the few that don’t offer free use of the laundry machines in the common area.

The Redstone Apartments have laundry machines for all their residents to use near the mailboxes, but it costs $1.75 in quarters for each load.  


“I also really wanted air conditioning after living in the dorms for two years,” Holmquist said.

While the Apartments offer heating, they do not offer air conditioning like the Lofts do.

“Basically I thought the benefits outweighed the costs,” Holmquist said.

With either location, the only thing a student pays for besides rent is electricity, according to both websites.  

Heating is included in the rent.