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UVM and Burlington are one

UVM and Burlington are one

Staff Editorial

February 15, 2017

Upon our acceptance of UVM’s offer to join their community as Catamounts, we became a part of another community as well: Vermont’s queen city, Burlington. The college experience is so much more than just the classes we take, here we learn to be members of a community. Programs created by ...

Slade students to relocate downtown

Slade students to relocate downtown

Hannah Carpino

October 20, 2016

The meeting on Hungerford for Slade’s off-campus housing began atypically; before introductions - name, pronouns, years you’ve lived in Slade, spirit vegetable - students joined hands, enjoying a moment of complete quiet, peace and togetherness. The goal of the meeting: “To figure out what Slade’s going t...

Moving Downtown

Eva Bartels

September 8, 2016

Starting your junior year at UVM often means starting your life in an off-campus house. This includes an extra 20-minute walk to your morning classes, spending your real-life money on groceries (that you can’t eat all in one sitting or you will be broke) and living alongside obscure Burlington ...

Staying on a budget at City Market

Staying on a budget at City Market

Chris Leow

February 11, 2016

The closest supermarket to campus is City Market. It carries all the essentials and also provides a wide variety of delicious produce and artisanal food products from local Vermont farmers. While it’s extremely easy to rack up a large grocery bill at City Market, there are definitely ways to k...

The experience of living in the dorms

November 5, 2015

Undergraduates are required to live on campus for their first two years, but this requirement seems to have a mixed reaction from students.Both upperclassmen and underclassmen shared pros and cons regarding life in residence halls.“Living on campus is great because of how close I am to everything,” first-ye...

Living on-campus, not in dorms

November 5, 2015

For upperclassmen that don’t want to live downtown but still want an off-campus feel, there are two options: the Redstone Apartments and the Redstone Lofts.The Redstone Apartments are located behind the Wing Davis Wilks residence complex,  between Redstone Campus and the Burlington Country Club alo...

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